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Nestled amid the serene landscapes of Ramseur lies a sanctuary of summer’s bounty—Millstone Creek Orchards. Far more than just an orchard, this destination embodies the season’s spirit, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its idyllic charm. Under the visionary stewardship of Bev and Nick Mooney, the orchard’s roots intertwine with the dreams of Bev’s parents, Byrd and Diane Isom.

In the early days the land stood bare, devoid of the lush fruit trees that would later adorn its expanse. It began as a vision of simplicity—a serene retreat amid the rustic allure of rural North Carolina. 

Owner Bev Mooney recounts how the story changed depending on who told the tale. “According to my mom, we were going to plant 50 apple trees up here and sit up on Highway 64 and sell apples out of the back of a truck.” However, destiny had a different path in store. 

Inspired by their visits to nearby apple orchards, the Isom family’s aspirations took root, blossoming into a newfound passion for apple cultivation. What commenced in 2001 as a modest endeavor soon burgeoned into a thriving enterprise.

Each year, the orchard flourished, its landscape transformed by the emergence of buildings, the multiplication of apple trees and the introduction of additional fruits. The unveiling of The Apple Barn Country Store in 2004 marked a significant milestone, allowing visitors to partake in u-pick experiences and embrace the orchard’s abundant offerings. 

Millstone Creek Orchards in Ramseur offers u-pick experiences and fresh tastings on its 18 sprawling acres. Photo courtesy of Millstone Creek Orchards.

Over time, Millstone Creek Orchards continued to evolve, with the addition of culinary delights such as Granny’s Kitchen and the Sweet Retreat Ice Cream Parlor, each contributing to the orchard’s vibrant tapestry.

Today, Millstone Creek Orchards sprawls across 18 acres, offering a unique array of agricultural treasures—from succulent blackberries and blueberries to crisp apples and plump pumpkins—all ripe for seasonal picking. 

The grand opening of The Cider House this July promises an array of unique culinary offerings, refreshing libations and a breathtaking waterfront venue. The farm is expanding to include more products, such as hard cider, wine and sangria, while incorporating fresh fruit from the farm into its beverages and desserts, encouraging an immersive experience.

The Cider House opens to the public on August 3. Photo courtesy of Millstone Creek Orchards.

One of the captivating stories woven into the fabric of Millstone Creek Orchards is that of an old schoolhouse steeped in history and tradition. Situated on the far reaches of the property, this building stood as a testament to community and education for over a century. As time took its toll and the structure aged, it was deemed unsafe and had to be removed from the property. Yet, from the remnants of this building, a new chapter emerged. 

The wood salvaged from the old schoolhouse will find new life within the orchard’s landscape, as it is destined to be featured in various areas of the property. For the owners, preserving this historic material symbolized a connection from the past to the future. As Bev aptly expressed, “I really love that past to future. I’m a karma kind of girl, so that for me really means a lot; they’re very intentional pieces.”

A popular activity for children is “Cow Cuddles @ the Orchard” on select days with the newest visitor, Dooley, a Highland cow from Jonestead Farm. “I’m going to put him with the poppies in one area so people can get out and visit the cows. They just love it,” explains Bev. Guests must have a reservation for this 30-minute experience, which takes them by hayride to an orchard location where they can spend time with Dooley.

Children enjoying the apple slushie at Millstone Creek Orchards. Photo courtesy of Millstone Creek Orchards.

Millstone Creek offers luxury picnics for adults to escape from the city. Be transported by hayride and enjoy a beautiful, two-hour private picnic. This curated activity, with three picnic options, is perfect for special occasions. Or, for a more casual, family-friendly experience, guests may opt for a two-hour waterfront picnic, including the option for catch-and-release fishing.

Families can also enjoy the Family Fun Days: Summer Celebration Series on select weekdays during July and August. The events typically last 60 to 75 minutes. They include an orchard hayride, an educational and tasting session about fresh fruits, an opportunity to pick fruits if available, a take-home item and a 4-ounce apple slushie.

At its core, Millstone Creek Orchards serves as a haven of seasonal delights and cherished memories waiting to be made. Here, the warmth of summer permeates every sun-ripened fruit, and the crispness of freshly pressed cider invigorates the senses. Whether you’re a local seeking respite from the daily grind or a traveler searching for authentic experiences, Millstone Creek Orchards welcomes you to revel in the magic of summer in Ramseur. Learn more at millstonecreekorchards.com

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