Unleash the Fun at Western Wake’s Doggie Daycares

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A K9 Resorts caretaker is overwhelmed with doggie affection. Photo courtesy of K9 Resorts.



From dog-friendly breweries to the vast expanse of parks, it’s evident that the Tar Heel State cherishes its four-legged residents. And at the heart of it all: top-tier doggie daycares. But don’t be fooled—these facilities offer more than a game of fetch. They’re lively hubs that celebrate the unique quirks and charms of every pup, offering safe spaces for mental stimulation, socialization and snuggles. We’ve narrowed the search to four of Western Wake’s premier doggie daycares, catering to all shapes, sizes and temperaments.

Dogs enjoy the outdoors under a caretaker's supervision at Pupsi Inc.. Photo courtesy of Pupsi Inc.


Ideal for a Homebody, Senior or Sensitive Breed

Looking for a home-away-from-home where your pup is treated like part of the family? Your daycare search ends with Pupsi Inc.! Established in 1993 as Raleigh’s original training facility and one of the nation’s first doggie daycares, Pupsi has earned a stellar reputation for structuring every aspect of their care and daily routines around every kind of dog’s behavior and needs. 

With a one to ten staff-to-pet ratio, you can trust that your pups will receive the attention they deserve as they explore the 15,000-square-foot turfed playground, complete with a spacious canopy for shade and shelter. During the sweltering summer months, Pupsi pals beat the heat in the pool, with weather-related consideration given to senior, black-coated, snow-loving and pug breeds. And when winter arrives, the team is ready with cozy sweaters and extra love for short-haired, hairless and senior companions. 

From maintaining a pristine, scent-free facility to fostering a positive atmosphere, Pupsi is dedicated to ensuring that your dog feels right at home. 

Fun in the ball pit at Camp Bow Wow. Photo courtesy of Camp Bow Wow.

Camp Bow Wow

Ideal for an Activity-Loving Canine

Camp Bow Wow brings the excitement of a real-life camp experience to your furry friend! For pet parents seeking extra enrichment for their companions, themed activities are offered for a small additional fee. 

Your dog can star in a Most Wanted cowboy photoshoot, for example, or bob for ducks during a month of carnival activities. From paw painting to foam machine fun, there’s something for every dog. Bow Wow’s day camp provides all-day play in both indoor and outdoor yards, along with plenty of love from counselors who are equipped with first aid and CPR training—just like counselors at a children’s camp. 

Plus, with live web cameras accessible from a computer or mobile device, you can be confident that your pups are always having a blast during their time at camp. As an added perk, the loving team at Camp Bow Wow never imposes extra charges for administering medication, accommodating special requests or providing bonus attention to your furry friend throughout the day. 

A Camp Canine pup is ready for love. Photo courtesy of Camp Canine.

Camp Canine

Ideal for a Stress-Free Experience

Welcome to Camp Canine, Inc., where anxious pups and nervous owners can leave worries at the door! Run by the dynamic Suzanne Keeys, who previously owned the only animal emergency transport in the Cary/Raleigh area, this daycare prioritizes cuddles. 

Camp Canine’s caring team ensures that the stress of being away from home is met with warmth and understanding—never with tough love or isolation. At the affectionately known “day camp,” the excitement is palpable from the moment your dog arrives. 

With over one and a half acres of play areas, an indoor gym and a community room for socializing, there’s never a dull moment. Campers are carefully grouped based on size, personality and play style, resulting in adorable mix-and-match friendships. 

Whether it’s a pint-sized pup romping with the big dogs or a gentle giant enjoying playtime with the little ones, each camper is paired with a partner who’s ready for fun! But it’s not just about physical activity here—the team takes your dog’s mental well-being seriously too! Treats, belly rubs and positive affirmation abound, adding an extra dash of joy to their stay.

A K9 Resorts caretaker is overwhelmed with doggie affection. Photo courtesy of K9 Resorts.

K9 Resorts Apex

Ideal for a Pampered Pup

Ranked as the nation’s top spot for deluxe dog boarding and daycare by the International Boarding & Pet Services Association, K9 Resorts sets the standard for luxury pet hospitality, promising an unforgettable five-star experience for your furry friend. 

From its grand archway entrance to its lavish interior decor, this facility boasts cutting-edge amenities alongside an exceptional approach to canine care. With ample soundproofing ensuring tranquility, dogs can nap, unwind or play without stress. Cutting-edge air-filtration systems with UV technology purify the air, while frequent air exchanges effectively eliminate airborne particles and odors. 

Additionally, hospital-grade disinfectants and synthetic turf specifically designed for canine use upholds the highest hygiene standards.K9 Resorts prioritizes outdoor spaces, recognizing the positive impact that fresh air has on pet well-being. The dedicated team ensures your pet is well-rested, showered with love and eagerly anticipating your return—although perhaps not quite ready to leave! 

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