Local Resources for Training your Canine Companion

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Thoughts of enrolling your dog in obedience school might, quite literally, bring visions of a room full of puppy dog eyes to mind. Or, upon hearing about the concept of “Doggy Boot Camp,” you might envision a strict military style of training. Don’t let such preconceptions prevent you from considering how canine training classes might make your pet—and you—happier. Here are some local companies to consider.

Photo courtesy of Dog Training Elite


8620 Chapel Hill Road, Cary


Mary Foster opened Pupsi in 1993 in a small downtown Cary facility as a dog training company. Assisted by trainers Trace Essex (Foster’s son) and Sam Finn, Pupsi now 
also offers daycare, boarding and 
grooming services. 

Pupsi’s day training services involve dropping your dog off for a day of lessons mixed with play and exercise—ideal for teaching your dog single commands and issues, and wearing them out! Day training sessions can be scheduled at your own pace. 

House calls consist of a one-hour trainer visit to your home—perfect for issues specific to a dog’s home that can’t be recreated elsewhere. For example, you might ask the trainer to work on your dog’s territorial behavior or visitor greeting. 

The board and training program is best for customers who want their dog trained during a  planned work trip or vacation, when boarding is also necessary. The program is 7, 14 or 21 days, depending on how much training the customer prefers. Contact Pupsi for prices on training, daycare, boarding and grooming services.


Dog Training Elite

Serving various locations in the Triangle



Dog Training Elite works toward breaking down the myths and stigmas associated with canine obedience schools. Cindy Skocik, owner of Dog Training Elite of the Triangle, works from a core mission of empowering owners and working with dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. A former CPA, Skocik offers positive reinforcement–based training and runs her company with the understanding that all dogs struggle—and misbehave—from time to time. 

Dog Training Elite believes the key to a good canine training program is ensuring that lessons taught during the classes are also consistently applied at home. The company addresses this head-on by offering weekly in-home training for three to eight weeks, where trainers can more accurately assess and personalize a dog’s needs. 

In addition to teaching practical and fundamental commands such as “sit,”“stay” and “down,” trainers will also address separation anxiety, which many pandemic-
era dogs easily experience. Separation 
anxiety training will also likely boost the 
dog’s confidence. 

Dog Training Elite uses electronic collars, which do not cause harm, but emit a tone or vibration dogs learn to associate with good or bad behavior. Once your dog is ready to graduate to a group class, he or she will spend the next 8–16 sessions participating in fun lessons that incorporate games such as “Simon Says.” Packages range from $495–$2,395, and are available for puppies and adult dogs.


Dynamic Dogs NC

Serving various locations in the Triangle



Dynamic Dogs NC owner Patrice Goldston knows a thing or two about dog training. She received her American Kennel Club certifications in on-leash, off-leash and behavior modification training after 
graduating at the top of her class in the 
North Carolina–based Highland Canine Training program. 

Dynamic Dogs uses a positive reinforcement training style that covers basic obedience, intermediate obedience, rehabilitation of a rescue and behavior modification. Dynamic Dogs NC’s events and classes consist of lessons ranging from basic to advanced obedience, agility and even “Canine Good Citizen” classes. The classes typically take place at House of Hops on Glenwood Avenue and Harris Lake County Park in New Hill. Learn more at dynamicdogsnc.com.


Teamworks Dog Training

3717 Overlook Road, Raleigh & 
195 Robbins Road, Youngsville



Just as the name suggests, Teamworks Dog Training focuses on building trust and 
mutual understanding between humans and dogs using positive reinforcement–based training. The company also works toward empowering owners. In addition to private training programs, day school and group classes, the company also offers behavior modification consultations, lessons and seminars. There is also a canine dock diving pool for athletic, water-loving dogs. 

Prices start at $40 per class. Check the website for more information. 

Therapy and Service Dog Training

Dog therapy and service programs are a powerful reminder of the compassion dogs can bring into our lives. Most canine training companies provide these certification programs. Dog Training Elite, for example, offers therapy dog training and certification for $2,595, and a psychiatric/post-traumatic stress disorder support dog program for $3,595. Check the companies’ websites to learn more.

Check more stories from around the Triangle by visiting 5 West Magazine online.

Photo courtesy of Dog Training Elite
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