Kaleidoscope: Paul Hrusovsky

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"Sails" by Paul Hrusovsky

Artistic Technique in “Sails”


For Chapel Hill–based painter Paul Hrusovsky, each new work poses a fresh challenge. Laying out the composition in his mind, he intuitively applies acrylic
paint to the canvas. Acrylic paint is his preferred medium because it dries quickly and allows him to move swiftly, grasping the subject’s energy, as in paintings like “Sails,” 2023.

“Sails” is a composition filled with quick brush strokes in bright blues and greens juxtaposed with abstract shapes. The viewer’s eye travels around
the explosion of color and line, capturing the feeling of a sailor managing the whims of the wind.

View more of Hrusovsky’s work on Instagram (@midcenturych), where he also hosts two auctions a year, with the proceeds going to CORA Food Pantry, a food bank in Pittsboro.

There is a lot of energy in this work. When painting it, I thought of the wind and sailing.” – Paul Hrusovsky

BELOW: Sails  |  Paul Hrusovsky  |  2023  | 
Acrylic on canvas  | 
24 x 24 inches  |  In the collection of Peg and Steve Bachenheimer of Carrboro

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